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Equipment Leases
Early Termination or Recast

Bridge has been engaged by the Corporate debtor in numerous situations in which it was necessary to terminate the current lease contract; sell the underlying collateral to a third party; or negotiate an agreement to the mutual satisfaction of the debtor and creditor.  This is often done with all Personal Guarantors being released from further liability.  Common lease transactions include rolling stock, professional practice build-outs, lathes, medical lasers, software, phone & computer systems, manufacturing equipment, copiers, etc.

Vendor Relations

Bridge is often brought into situations where the client's accounts payable have aged beyond terms.  Bridge will develop a plan to address the vendor claims within their current ability, often times developing methods to continue a sales relationship with the vendor, without increasing credit exposure levels.

Secured and Unsecured Lines of Credit

Bridge Capital services include representing their clients in loan renewals, loan defaults, loan accelerations, short sale transactions, deficiency balance negotiation, etc.  Bridge also represents clients with unsecured lines of credit and other credit obligations with and without personal guarantees.

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